Monday 29th May 2017

What a perfect weekend. Weather good, fishing excellent and the whales gave us a great show. Some good fish on the bite with snapper, flathead and 60 cm John Dory to make the day !


Monday 8th May 2017

Great weekend with perfect weather conditions.
Several species biting including snapper, rock cod and flathead.

WP 20170428 001
WP 20170428 004
WP 20170506 008

Tuesday 18th April 2017

Captain Colin strikes again with a 70 cm Kingfish.  Took a couple of visitors back to the Kauri with their catch which Paskali kindly cooked up for passengers and crew.  Nice fresh 67 cm Kingfish. Yum !


Monday 3rd April 2017

Great fishing on Saturday, Sunday cancelled due to weather. A beautiful 47cm snapper, the king of Sydney's reef fish as well as a 70cm kingfishe ! Also 5 bonito on the lures and a couple of 60 cm Flathead made the day.

pic 2
pic 1

Monday 20th Feb 2017

Great weekend with plenty of bottom fish including snapper, morwong, flathead, rock cod and sweep.  Topped off on Sunday with 2 kingfish and a skipjack tuna on the lures:)