Monday 19th March 2018

Caught in the morning.
Cooked by Rincome at the Kauri hotel
Eaten by 2 pm. Yum yum


Tuesday 12th December 2017

This was a fantastic day to be on the harbour, very exciting Big Boat Challenge won this year by Black Jack.

IMG 20171212 132821
IMG 20171212 133216
IMG 20171212 133314

Monday 18th January

This is one monser flathead !, Great eating too !

IMG 20171212 092542

Monday 11th December 2017

A pigfish is a fantastic prize and it is fantastic eating. Marwong are not bad either if baked in foil to keep them moist.


Monday 20th November 2017

A delicious eating rock cod is always a welome catch !

IMG 20171123 075044
IMG 20171123 074613